1 Day Drop-in fee
Product ID : sku0056
Just want to drop by the gym to get a quick workout in? Our gym is open to...
1 on 1 in depth session, up to 2 hours
Product ID : sku0058
Are you looking to make some big improvements after just one training...
12 week Custom Training program
Product ID : sku0008
We guarantee that your Olympic total will improve after completing this 12...
5 session punch pass
Product ID : punchpass
Are you a Crossfitter that wants better Oly lifts? Are you a powerlifter or...
Competition- Olympia Cup registration
Hot Deal
Product ID : 102001
ENTRY DEADLINE September 13, 2015 11:59PM. AlaskaFit Productions presents the...
Full Year Program
Hot Deal
Product ID : pgm500
Fundamentals of the Soviet System Booklet
Product ID : sku0062
It's finally here! The Fundamentals of the Soviet System in an easy to read...
Kazakhstan Weightlifting System -Paperback Book
Product ID : weight
Complete book on the kazakhstan training system- which produced 4 Olympic...
Risto Soviet Weightlifting Certification, Boston-August 2
Product ID : soviet2
Risto Soviet Certification. August 2, 2015 in Boston, MA . 10AM-3PM
Risto Weightlifting Certification
Product ID : Cert2015May
Level 2 Certification in weightlifting hosted at Risto Sports in Eliot, Maine...
Sports performance training
Product ID : sportperf1
Get an edge on your competition. Risto Sports performance classes are...
Training Camp
Product ID : sku0072
We hold personalized weightlifting training camps for athletes of all levels....
Video Technique analysis
Product ID : sku0029
Have Risto Sports analyze your training video. For just $10, our expert staff...
Weekend Get away at Risto Weightlifting Academy
Product ID : sku0009
Looking to spend sometime in New England and get some quality workouts in?...
Weightlifting Classes
Product ID : fit15
Classes meet 3 times per week; $60 per month. Learn weightlifting while...
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